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At L On Air Marketing, we combine our insights and skills to transform your brand storytelling on air. 


What is Brand Storytelling? Brand storytelling is:

  • The reason why your company came to be

  • What motivates your team to wake up and come to work everyday

  • How your product came to be

  • What problem do you solve

  • A transparent view into the people behind the company

  • A relationship-building tool

  • More subtle than you realize

  • A concept that underscores your entire web presence


Stories are a powerful tool in human communication. Research indicates that the human brain responds to the descriptive power of stories in deeply affecting ways, influencing both the sensory and motor cortex. To read a story is to feel an experience and to synchronize our minds with the subject of the story. Synchronize is the right word. Scientists call it neural coupling.


Princeton researchers use the mirroring metaphor: “The listener’s brain activity mirrors the speaker’s activity.” Successful neural coupling produces greater comprehension, understanding, anticipation, and receptivity. The net effect of comprehension, understanding, anticipation, and receptivity is trust. By telling a story and connecting with the reader, a storyteller can actually generate trust in the reader. Stories produce trust. But not just any story will do. You must tell a story that has the right features — features that produce successful neural coupling, plus those which exhibit integrity-building features.

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