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At L On Air Marketing, we know you’ve spend countless hours and made monumental sacrifices to create your brand, engineer your products, develop your recipes, figure out logistics, packaging, production timelines, and numerous costing models. As you bring you creation to market you are left with two of the most important factors to contend with that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your venture… Can you actually sell this product? Do you have the effective channels and methods to communicate your message to enough people to make these sales meaningful?



Elida Gutierrez is the owner of L On Air Marketing. A natural born story teller and seller since she could remember. With a passion for brands, sales, and innovation she went on to earn her Marketing Degree at WCU. For the past six and half years she has worked successfully in the QVC and HSN ecosystem. Her creative thinking skills provide her clients the leadership, strategic sales, and brand managing expertise that has led to countless successful programs on QVC. Elida also intentionally focuses into women owned and minority owned brands to nurture and develop. In addition, she enjoys challenging the next generation of would-be entrepreneurs as an Adjunct Business Professor at Atlantic University in Miami. Where she merges her business experience to make common sense out of complex business strategies for her students and clients alike. Elida doubles as an On Air Guest for many different brands in the culinary space on QVC and thus provides valuable first-hand coaching expertise to many of the On Air Guests that represent her clients on live TV.  

Jeff Oliphant Bio

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In his role as a partner and advisor with LOAM, Jeff Oliphant leverages his 25+ years of leadership experience in the QVC platform adding unique expertise and guidance to all of our projects and client initiatives.


With a penchant for great storytelling and a keen eye for unique product, Jeff has been creating winning brand marketing programs while developing significant special market revenues for brands large and small since 1998. With one of the longest standing successful tenures of any individual or organization doing business exclusively with QVC, Jeff's leadership, has been responsible for many of the most successful strategic sales efforts and memorable live TV moments in QVC's storied history. Prior to partnering with Elida Gutierrez at L On Air Marketing, Jeff started  J.W. Oliphant & Associates… one of the original sales rep groups focused exclusively on the QVC platform. Before this, Jeff authored the start up of One Source Group a logistics and merchandising modeled business providing foundational support for in their infancy. And prior to this, Jeff created Great American Booksellers a boutique fulfillment company offering pick, pack and drop ship services to an emerging e-commerce publishing community. A Florida resident, Jeff is the proud father of two outstanding young adults, enjoys a good read, delicious food, an occasional round of golf and discovering new favorite places while traveling.” Check out to learn more!

Jessie Holeva Bio


Jessie has been in the home-shopping space for over a decade. As a lifestyle expert and member of the media for over 15 years, her natural curiosity to discover and inform led her to sharing products on air (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS) and in major publications. She’s been a trusted source to various outlets and has worked with brands of all sizes — creating awareness, trust, and an authentic connection with the public. Prior to joining L On-Air Marketing Jessie helped grow one of QVC’s top-selling apparel brands. 


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