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QVC is considered by some measures to be the second largest TV network in the country, with millions of daily viewers tuning in and making purchase. QVC has also been a great platform for many entrepreneurs achieving extremely high exposure in a short period of time--even for launching new products. QVC is always on the lookout for new, innovative products. 

These days, there are so many different ways of bringing a product to market. You can try to license it. You can test it at a Maker Faire. You can harness the power of the Internet via crowdfunding to help you. All of these options are fantastic, but none have the ability to broadcast your idea into the homes of more than 300 million people worldwide. Only QVC, the home shopping network, has the power to do that and with that the ability to capture live sales. 

Strategic brand placement in their dedicated live shows will set your brand up for your biggest success: Big Deals, and TSV- Today Special Value! 



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